Hi and welcome to atmuseranch.com. I’m Katherine your editor and host. Like Marie Osmond sang, “I’m a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll.” And there’s not one thing about my life remains constant.

My life is a balance act, between family (hubby, two grown sons and three adorable granddaughters… oh and the animals, too), work and my search for an artful life.

Because the balance is… well, never balanced, this blog covers a lot of ground–decorating, crafts, cooking , gardening, writing and a myriad of other topics.

I’ve been a lifestyle writer for over twenty years working for newspapers and online sources. My beat has always been the home, from how to do things around the house, to reviewing the latest gadgets, to finding and presenting the best recipes.

I’m following my muse now and trying to crave out a stay-at-home career. Part of my balancing act is trying to crave out a stay-at-home career. Where I once spend all my time writing for other, I’m now mostly I’m writing for myself with books, articles and here on this blog.  We’ll talk lots about that and wherever else the muse leads me.

Make sure to take the time to chat, share your ideas and stories.

Best Wishes (and may it always be three)

Katherine Sig



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