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My New Favorite Cleaning Tools

green cleaning tools


Today I was the “mean green cleaning machine” thanks to my new favorite cleaning tools. New might be a stretch and I can’t say they are really that new to me. I’ve decided to get back to basic, and get rid of the nasty chemical filled cleaning product. So today, I used only a half white vinegar/half water cleaning solution in a spray bottle and a microfiber rag.

Wow, did I ever clean up. Walls and light switches. Stove stoves and the refrigerator (inside and out). Mirrors and floors. Oh, and then they was the dog water dish that has some really build up of minerals (hard water here at the ranch).

The thing is, it worked well, if not better than harsh chemicals I’ve used in the past. I had already been using some home made, green recipes for cleaning spots out of clothes. And off and on I’ve used other “old fashioned” cleaning ideas. Just not consistently.  I guess Grandmother did know what was best.

The house was so clean today (an oddity here at the ranch) that I couldn’t bring myself to make dinner and make a mess, so dinner tonight was hot dogs and left over pressure cooker baked beans.

I plan to add more green (and cheap) cleaning ideas, so stay tuned.

Best wishes,