Writing a Book

writing_a_bookYup, that’s what I’m doing.  Not that writing a book is all that unusual for me. I have a few under my belts for various book producers and publishers. This one, however, is all mine.

It will be my first self-published book and my first e-book. As a lifestyle writer I’m not my fair share of recipes and food articles. Even in some of those books I’ve written for others you’ll find a few recipes. This one will have lots of recipes; thirty days worth, as a matter of fact.

The topic has been chosen and researched, but I’m not ready to share it yet. Now I’m at the point of working on the outline and choosing recipes. I’m already coming up with more recipes than I have room for so there will be a lot of editing before I even get to the writing stage.

Ah, writing, that is to come, too, along with testing and photographing recipes. I haven’t decided if every recipe will have a photo in the book. Not that I don’t want to, but if I also decide to publish a paperback version, color printing can be expensive.

I still have lots to work out and I’m on a short deadline (self-imposed, but still a deadline that I want to meet.) I’ll be sharing this journey, so do following along.

Best wishes,